Your donations and all purchases at Cartoons and Cocktails support Young D.C. and the Cartoonists Rights Network, International

Young D.C. offers teenagers in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area training opportunities and hands-on experience with news media including leadership opportunities and professional connections that can prepare them for careers of their choice. We hope many of these careers will be in journalism. Young D.C sponsors the independent monthly newspaper, Young D.C.; an independent, metro-area newspaper that brings teen journalists from the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia together to form a unique cross-cultural, racial and geographic staff. Young D.C. is distributed free to over 25,000 young people through high schools, libraries, youth organizations, and retail outlets.

Through its coaching program, journalists and communcation professionals team up with local teens from diverse backgrounds for coaching, story editing, and career counseling.

The Cartoonists Rights Network, International (CRNI) Cartoonists Rights Network, International (CNRI) is a U.S.-based international nonprofit organization devoted to helping editorial cartoonists who face censorship, imprisonment, intimidation, and possible death, due to their commentary. Each year, several CRNI clients donate cartoons for Cartoons & Cocktails. CRNI seeks relief for endangered cartoonists through communication with diplomatic missions, ministries of state and civil society organizations. Its website links visitors to breaking news about threats to free expression, its affiliated organizations and additional resources. CRNI gives an annual award for Courage in Editorial Cartooning to the cartoonist who is in the most danger in the world and who has shown exemplary courage in the face of threats, harassment and legal actions.

CRNI maintains the world's only archive of the cartoons that precipitated a human rights attack against the cartoonist: the Art To Die For archive. CRNI can supply public speakers who, using the Art To Die For archive, look at freedom of expression issues as they impact the cartooning world including a special look at the confluence of cartoonists, censorship and religious sensibilities.